Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of unique exotics, flora and fauna. This Asian archipelago state stretches along the equator and separates two oceans - the Pacific and the Indian. It includes 13.5 thousand islands, the largest of which are Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java. The climate is maritime tropical, it rains very often, but here it is “summer all year round”.


Archaeological excavations of the sites of ancient people claim that aborigines already lived here a million years ago. Over the centuries, representatives of other ancient peoples moved here and stayed here to live. They were engaged in agriculture (planted rice), animal husbandry (domesticated and bred buffaloes and bulls), built ships, mastered iron, and were engaged in trade. In different parts of the archipelago, states, kingdoms, empires appeared and perished. The Portuguese, British, Dutch, and Japanese claimed its lands in different periods. The Republic of Indonesia began its existence in 1950.

What to watch?

You can start your trip from Bali and visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud. Here is the richest fauna, and also, a large number of monkeys roaming freely among the visitors of the forest and happily accepting their treats. Monkeys in these parts are very revered. The macaques living in the forest are the real guards of the Hindu temple located in the reserve. You can endlessly marvel at the bas-reliefs and fantastic statues that decorate the building, most of which are monkeys.

For extreme lovers, there is a bat cave in one of the six main temples of the 11th century - Goa Lawah (translated as "bat"). Underground paths have a lot of secret passages at a distance of 25 km. One of them, they say, leads to the entrance to another universe.

Many expeditions found their death here, Bats with piercing cries rush through the cave. Tourists who come to feed the mice at sunset witness the following picture: a thousandth stream of bats rises from the dungeon into the sky, filling it with noise and squeak.

Between the islands of Java and Sumatra, the ancient active volcano Krakatoa lurked for the time being. It already showed its character in 1883, when thousands of people died from the rising tsunami. Then the whole world felt the tremors and the widespread cooling of the temperature. Now it is resting, but who knows when he will wake up again?

The water palace of Tirta Gangga, consisting of three levels, symbolizes the Universe. The upper tier of the palace is divine, the middle one is the temporary world of people, and the lower one is the personification of evil spirits. A magnificent fountain in the very heart of the complex is a sign of the supreme deity. Statues and stones, not sinking in clear water, froze in the ponds. This and much more can be seen in Bali.

And how much more unknown and mysterious awaits tourists in other parts of Indonesia!

Rest in the country of a thousand volcanoes gives you the opportunity to get in touch with a completely different, wonderful world, culture, and people's lives. Everything is nearby here: the splendor of temples and the primordial nature, the dense jungle and endless rice fields, the heat of volcanoes and the coolness of sea water and cascading waterfalls. All this will not allow any person who has visited this unforgettable land to remain indifferent.