Famous sights of Denpasar

Bali is a beautiful island of Indonesia that is known for its beaches, culture and tradition. Bali Museum in Denpasar houses collections of traditional Balinese artworks and artifacts. Some of the famous temples in Bali include Tanah Lot Temple built on rock off the coast of Sanur beach and Kintamani Temple located at the foot of Mount Batur volcano which can be reached by cable car ride.

Puputan Monument

The Puputan Monument is a memorial to the Balinese people who died in battle against the Dutch army in 1906. The monument is located on Jalan Imam Bonjol, which runs parallel to Jalan Gajah Mada.

The history of this monument dates back to 1906 when there was a war between the Netherlands and Bali. In order to protect their land, Bali soldiers fought against the Dutch Army for several months until they were defeated by them at this place called "Puputan". Hundreds of people died here including women, children and elders who refused to surrender themselves as prisoners because they didn't want their dignity taken away from them by anyone else other than God himself so instead chose death over surrendering themselves into slavery status under colonial rule (which would mean loss of freedom).

Bali Botanic Garden

The Bali Botanic Garden is located just outside of Denpasar, in Nusa Dua. It has quite a few different sections, including a rose garden and a butterfly park. The best time to visit is during their daily opening hours (8am-5pm), because that's when they have the most activities going on.

If you're looking for something unique to do while visiting Denpasar, this is definitely worth checking out! It's more than just a garden--there are also lots of animals here too! There are monkeys roaming around freely throughout much of the property as well as peacocks hanging out near some statues made out of stone at one point inside this botanical paradise."

Taman Ayun Royal Temple

Taman Ayun Royal Temple is located in Mengwi district. The temple was built in 17th century, during which time it became the largest and most important temple in Bali. It's also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bali, so be sure to check it out if you have time!

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a popular tourist destination and has been the location for several films. It's also the place where you can see locals hanging out, enjoying their time on the beach. The waves here are great for surfing, so if you're looking for some excitement in your life then this is your spot.

Bali Museum

The Bali Museum is located in Denpasar, about 2 kilometers from the center of town. It's open every day except Monday from 8:30am-3pm. Admission costs 30,000 rupiah (about $2) for adults and 15,000 rupiah ($1) for children under 12 years old. The museum has several exhibits that showcase Bali's culture and history, including displays on traditional dance costumes; masks used in Balinese theater; 

traditional weapons such as knives and spears; musical instruments like gongs and drums; items used by farmers such as plows or sickles; models of Hindu temples with information about their construction materials (stone vs wood vs brick); relics from ancient civilizations such as pottery shards from Neolithic times (around 3000 BCE) found at Gunung Kawi temple site near Tampaksiring village.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is a Hindu temple located on an offshore rock formation in the ocean. The temple is built on top of a large rock that juts out of the sea.The temple is located on the island of Bali and has become one of its most famous tourist attractions, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Pasar Badung Market

This is the place to be if you want to buy souvenirs and take home some authentic Balinese goods. The market has a lot of stalls selling clothing, art pieces, jewelry and other handicrafts that are made by local artists. You can also find some good food here! It's a great way to meet people from all over Indonesia who come here looking for souvenirs as well as experience traditional Balinese culture while they're at it.

The Pasar Badung Market is located in Denpasar on Jalan Teuku Umar No.6A-8B.

Ubud Monkey Forest and Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Ubud Monkey Forest is a sanctuary for Balinese long-tailed macaques, who are considered sacred by the locals. They live in large groups and are very friendly, so you can approach them without fear of being bitten or scratched. The monkeys hang out in trees and on the ground, where they eat fruit that's been thrown by visitors or left behind by other animals. They're also fed by locals every day!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the sights of Denpasar. It's such a fascinating city, with so much to see and do! I especially recommend visiting Pasar Badung Market if you want to experience authentic Bali culture; it's one of the best places in town for shopping and eating traditional food.