Lokalne przewodniki po najlepszych miejscach do odwiedzenia w Lucernie

Zlokalizowane w sercu SwitzerlandLucerne for two hundred years has been a place of pilgrimage for tourists, among whom was once Leo Tolstoy. Just one observation excursion is enough to make sure that the city is no less picturesque than in the days of the great writer, personal guides in English, French still tell you about its sights. Familiarity with them should start with Wasserturm tower and Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. The program of any excursion also includes:

  • The Knight's palace;
  • Museggmauer - parts of a medieval wall with 8 towers;
  • churches, and especially the Jesuit and Franciscan churches;
  • Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre;
  • Lion Monument (be sure to ask the guide during the tour about the history of its creation).

No less impressive are the natural attractions of the city - lake Lucerne and the mountain Pilatusa. Tym, którzy są pewni swoich umiejętności, Excurzilla zaleca samodzielne wejście na górę, innym lepiej jest skorzystać z pociągu lub kolejki linowej.

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