Excursions with English-speaking guides in Los Angeles

Los Angeles! The city of dreams, home of celebrities, arena of the most grandiose world events! People fall in love with this multi-faced metropolis thanks to cinematography – and it does not disappoint when met in person.

The City of Angels is a clear demonstration of the idea that the USA is a melting pot. The diversity of cultures and languages here is multiplied by a colourful landscape: a raging ocean, steep mountains and even own canyon.

English speaking guides will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a sunny city, which will be an ideal place to escape in any incomprehensible situation – from cold, boredom, towards the great gastronomic discoveries.

On a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles you will see:

  • legendary letters “HOLLYWOOD” on the southern slope of Mount Lee Hill;
  • “Walk of Fame” with 2690 names of stars embedded in the sidewalk slabs;
  • Beverly Hills – a neighborhood of rich and famous;
  • La Brea ranch with skeletons of prehistoric animals;
  • the famous Universal Studios and much more.

Excurzilla recommends that you take at least three days for recreation and tours in Los Angeles. You can wander here for a long time – interesting places never end!

Entertainment in The City of Angels.

Excursions in English will help you understand how and with what you “eat” Los Angeles. A personal guide will tell you where to go for shopping (tip: Rodeo Drive area) and where it's best to meet the sunset.

A visit to local Disneyland will be interesting for those who want to spend their time not only having fun, but also benefiting from it. Did you know that California Disneyland is the oldest in the world?

In addition to club and bar life, which is not particularly different from other American metropolitan areas, LA has many parties in private residences. But to get there, you have to know people from the world of music, film or art.

Prices for entertainment in Los Angeles are expected to be high, but the bonus comes with free, sunny Santa Monica and Venice Beach. If you want, you can also visit them as part of an individual excursion.

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