Tours in Johannesburg with a private guide

Discover the largest South African city by taking a highlight tour in English, during which you will see its main attractions. While continuing to explore Johannesburg on your own, use the opportunity to have fun in Gold Reef City and book a safari tour in Kruger Park; enjoy the views from the "top of Africa" - the 50-storey Carlton Centre and find yourself in the "Cradle of Humankind" - the site of primitive people's camps. An English-speaking guide, who will tell you many interesting facts, will help you explore the Apartheid Museum and the former cell of N. Mandela in the Old Fort prison.

Please take into account that Johannesburg is a point of departure for further wanderings in South Africa, with regular flights to Capetown, Durban, and Botswana. So it is most convenient to start your trip to the RSA from this city.

Available tours in other cities: Cape Town, Durban, Stellenbosch, Mossel Bay

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