Individual and group excursions in Tivat with experienced guides

Montenegrin Tivat has a long and interesting history, so lovers of antiquity will not be disappointed with a sightseeing tour of this city. In the XIV-XV centuries, it was the center of the religious life of the country, because the local monastery of Michael the Archangel was used as the residence of Metropolitan Zeta. In addition to the ancient monastery, there are other objects, that are worth seeing. For example, Excurzilla recommends visiting the medieval "Bucha" palace, built more than 500 years ago, on the island of St. Marco, in the Church of St. Savvaty, in the house of Veron, the house of Vizin and Drago in Selyanov, at the cottage of Yakonya.

Together with an experienced guide, you can take an exciting walk around Tivat, which is quite affordable, or go on an excursion in English to the Tivat Botanical Garden with exotic trees and plants, that sailors from all over the world have brought here for centuries.

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