Excursions to the Vesuvius with English-speaking guides

Vesuvius can rightly be called a treacherous beauty: externally this volcano with its wooded slopes is very attractive, but history shows that it is capable of sudden and disastrous eruptions. However, although Vesuvius is considered an active volcano it has been dormant dor more than 80 years, and many tourists come here on excursions. Climbing in the company of guides along specially laid trails of the national park they admire the extremely picturesque flora and lava stones, and on the top of Vesuvius they will find not only a periodically smoking crater, but also a spectacle tha has no equal - a panorama of Naples and the bay from a height of 1280 m. In order to get a complete picture of the past and present of the volcano you should go on an individual excursion with English-speaking guide, including a visit to:

  • Pompeii - the world-famous ancient Roman city that was lost after eruption of 79 AD;
  • the ruins of Herculaneum, another ancient city that fell victim to Vesuvius;
  • the well-preserved villas of Stabiae.

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