Excursions in Jerusalem from local guides

The study of the religious capital of world can take years. Excurzilla recommends using the services of an experienced guide who will be able to introduce you to the "eternal city" in a few days.

The main thing that attracts visitors to Jerusalem is located behind its ancient walls. This is centuries-old the Old City, observation excursion of which covers the most sacred (and not only for Christians) places:

  • Western Wall, full of letters from religious to the Almighty God (with the help of a personal guide, you can explore its underground tunnels);
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre - final resting place of the Son of God on earth and source of ashes used to create Adam;
  • Temple Mount, where pilgrims believe the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

An English-language excursion to Israel Museum will introduce you to masterpieces of world art and antiquities. This largest cultural institution in country contains about 500,000 artifacts, including the legendary Dead sea scrolls, a collection of 972 texts written between the ages of 150 and 70 BC.

Another attraction for tourists is Mount of Olives, which rises opposite the Old City. For more than 3,000 years, it served as the main burial site in Jerusalem and final abode of prominent biblical figures. During the excursion you will find several notable religious sites on the slopes of this mountain:

  • Dome of the Ascension, which preserves the last trace left by Jesus on earth;
  • Garden of Gethsemane - place of Christ's prayer before the crucifixion (you will also find here olive trees that are about 1000 years old).

The highlight in City of David is Hezekiah's Tunnel. Biblically, it was the main source of water in ancient Jerusalem. Today's tourists have the opportunity to walk along the historical waterway.

Mahane Yehuda will allow you to explore the modern life of Israel. At this active market, you can buy everything from aromatic spices to unique souvenirs at an affordable price.

If you have time, take a day trip to the Dead Sea. Many believe in curative power of sea. Although this has not yet been proven by science, many tourists will tell you that the local sea mud and water have a beneficial effect on the skin.

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