Tours in Punta Cana with a private guide

Punta Cana is an ideal destination for a person who has suffered from an endless winter. A tropical resort situated on the half of the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Gulf will seem to everyone the earthy heaven. The town, which combined African and Spanish cultures, is famous for its idyllic beaches and relaxed lifestyle that draws you in from the first second of your trip.

Punta Cana is not about architecture and cultural entertainment. It is a first-class resort with gulf courses, spa-centres, and good restaurants where prices are high as expected. Highlight tours of the city are meaningless, but field tours of the picturesque surroundings are a whole other story.

Excurzilla recommends people, who are bored on the sandy beaches of the resort, to join the tour with an English-speaking guide. The abode of funny monkeys the Monkeyland, the El Limon waterfall, picturesque mountains of Anamudi — tours in English will allow you to learn more about the country, whose name is beauty and harmony.

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