Sightseeing og tematiske ture i Washington

Overraskende nok hovedstaden i the USA - is a very small city. A little more than 700 thousand people live in Washington. But it is here that the fate of the whole country is decided - and to some extent the fate of the whole world.

Washington is one of the greenest capitals in the world: there are more than a hundred parks and squares, and the streets are generously planted with trees. Among these "50 shades of green" hid the main attractions that a tourist will see during a sightseeing tour:

Wander in Washington - or simply "D-C" - most conveniently with a personal guide. A clear program of excursions in English language will not let you get lost among the endless memorials and miss the really important points.

Excursion programs are not limited to architectural values. Private guides will show you where to try Washington's half-smoke hot dog (which usually costs no more than $ 6) and listen to jazz (a tip from Excurzilla: at Bohemian Caverns Cave Restaurant).

Washington DC lufthavn billeje - Cars -scanner. com

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