Top 5 attractions in Geneva

Top 5 attractions in Geneva

Geneva is one of the main cities in Switzerland, which every tourist who wants to get to know this country from the inside should visit. Magnificent views, exciting excursions and, of course, the sea of ​​​​real Swiss chocolate - this is what awaits the tourists of this city.

Lake Geneva (Lake Leman)

One of the most famous sights of Geneva, located among the Alps, is Lake Leman. It is the second largest in Central Europe. Every year it is visited by thousands of foreigners. Undoubtedly, this place combines the magnificent splendor of nature, unique tranquility and a magical atmosphere. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the lake has the shape of a crescent. This amazing place literally fascinates with its beauty.

Old city

This place is saturated with centuries of history and local flavor. The old city is known for its architectural structures and monuments. 

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral, located in the very center, pampers its guests with annual concerts that help to immerse themselves in the amazing history of Geneva. On the tower of the cathedral, the tourist has an unparalleled view of the city. 

In early December, the famous Escalade festival is held here. It is a parade in medieval costumes. According to tradition, during the festival, the inhabitants of the city eat a large chocolate bowl and sing the anthem of the city. And wandering through the picturesque squares and streets of the Old Town, you can truly immerse yourself in the past of Geneva.

Botanical Garden of Geneva

This garden contains about 10,000 plants that have been collected from all over the world. And the herbarium collection contains about 6 million items. The entire territory of the garden is divided into several parts. 

A huge number of aromas, amazing plant species, medicinal herbs and a zoo. And this is not all that this botanical garden can boast of.

English garden

The English Garden is a real visiting card of the city. There are several fountains here, and winding paths lead to the embankment, where tourists can admire the famous Lake Geneva. The main symbol of the garden is the flower clock, symbolizing the memory of the Geneva watchmakers.

Ariana Museum

An equally interesting museum of dishes and ceramics. About 20 thousand exhibits of different eras from all over the world are stored here. The museum presents all types of ceramics and porcelain.

And this is only a small part of everything that every tourist visiting Geneva should visit.