Holidays in Dalarna

Holidays in Dalarna

Definitely, any person who is fond of travel considers it his duty to visit incomparable Sweden at least once - a country of emerald green and purple-red houses.

Everything here is so conducive to harmony and spiritual peace that you can go on a trip with the whole family or even a large group of friends. Arriving at this fabulous abode, you can start an amazing journey, and renting a gazelle without a driver is a great option! 

And what is very interesting, there are practically no traffic jams on the roads of cities.

Well-groomed streets shine with cleanliness, and this is not surprising: if you decide to ignore the litter bins, you face a pretty decent fine.

But no matter how beautiful Stockholm strikes with its cleanliness and accuracy, an abundance of museums and exhibitions, the true national color is still most noticeable outside the civilized world. It is not for nothing that they say that if you have not visited the Dalarna region, then you have not seen Sweden

In translation, the name of the province means "valleys" and fully conveys its picturesqueness, because two-thirds of the region's territory is occupied by dense forests. 

The famous village of Tallberg is also located here, in which almost all the houses are built of mahogany, which creates the impression of a fabulous village. Nearby is the magnificent Lake Siljan, where rowing competitions take place in the middle of summer. 

The rest of the time you can go boating, admiring the sunset, or just take a walk along the coast: the nature here is truly indescribable.

In fact, wherever you go in Dalarna, you definitely won't regret it. Here everything is fanned by a truly Swedish spirit, even national clothes of the brightest shades can be found only in this region. Of course, you can travel by public transport, but renting a gazelle without a driver will allow you to choose the route yourself. In addition, it will be possible to stay longer in any town you like and admire enough.