Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain

Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain

In the north of Spain, in the provinces of Cantabria, Asturias and Leon, there is the Picos de Europa mountain range (Spanish Picos de Europa, literally - "Peaks of Europe"). It houses the first national park in Spain, one of the most famous and most visited parks in Europe. About 50 million years ago, in the place where the Cantabrian mountains are now, the processes of mountain building were finally completed, raising sharp mountainous snow-white peaks to a height of over 2,500 meters above sea level. Sightseeing tours in Spain

No one will remain indifferent to such an extraordinary beauty, presented by the mild and humid climate of Cantabria, enveloping the foothills of the mountains with emerald forests and meadows, over which the snow-white peaks of relatively young mountains rise majestically.

National Park - Picos de Europa is rich in a variety of wild animals in their natural habitat. Here you can see the Iberian wolf, wild boars, the Cantabrian chamois and others. The brown bear is considered the visiting card of Picos de Europa.

The territory of the park is also a Special Protection Zone for birds, which is designed to protect endangered species from extinction. You can always see a large number of soaring vultures in the sky, and if you're lucky, even wood grouses and partridges hiding in the bushes.

The best place in Europe to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains in a fairly comfortable environment is the Picos de Europa National Park. There is a cable car on the territory of the park, paved roads have been laid, which will lead you to restaurants located at the foot of the park with the typical cuisine of the mountaineers.

The Cantabrian part of the Llevant Nature Reserve is the historical land where the Castilian Christians hid from the invasion of the Moors into Spain. The Santo Toribio Monastery has become one of the main places of pilgrimage for Christians in Spain; local monks keep the largest fragment of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Approximately every 12 years, Santo Toribio celebrates a jubilee year when pilgrims can receive the forgiveness of all sins by passing through the door of “forgiveness”. The landscapes of Llevan will remind travelers of the mountains of Switzerland, but the style of the local villages is absolutely unique, the inhabitants of the region tremblingly keep their traditions and build houses mainly in the mountain style.

Picos de Europa is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all directions. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the mountain peaks, but who do not have good physical fitness, there is a cable car in the village of Fuente. The viewing platforms of which, will give you the opportunity to view the splendor of the mountain valley. In its highland areas, the snow that has fallen since November lasts up to 6 months.

In 2003, Picos de Europa was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This means that the air in the park is a reference in terms of its chemical composition, as well as purity and transparency.

If you have not yet been to this amazing ecologically clean park and are planning to visit Cantabria, book our excursion with a professional guide who will reveal for you all the most interesting in the Peaks of Europe reserve !!!

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