Panglao Island: the pearl of the Philippines

Panglao Island: the pearl of the Philippines

In the center of the Philippine archipelago, not far from Bohol, there is a small island of Panglao. You can get to it by highway from Tagbilaran. The island's area is relatively small, only 99 km2, but despite this fact, Panglao is famous for a large number of gorgeous white beaches and, in addition, attracts many fans of diving, thanks to the great variety of marine fauna and a number of decent diving sites.

Thus, Panglao combines all the conditions for both relaxed comfortable rest and active pastime. Which beach is the best on the island?

Let's try to figure it out: Alona Beach is the most famous and promoted beach in Panglao. It is a strip of white sand about a kilometer long. The bulk of hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and dive centers are concentrated here. Due to the large number of tourists, the beach cannot be called secluded. But fans of the "party" will like it here.

Doljo Beach is a deserted beach 2 km long. There is no noise that Alona "suffers" from, there are almost no shops and cafes, but the purest sand and a gentle entrance to the water. Dolho Beach is the best option for a relaxing holiday. Bagobo Beach. It is widely recognized for its beautiful sand, azure sea and picturesque underwater world. Not far from Bagobo Beach, the popular Arco dive site is located, which explains the developed infrastructure on the beach. There are many cafes, shops, as well as villas and bungalows for rent. Bolod Beach is a secluded beach with fine sand.

A large number of bungalows are rented here overlooking the ocean, which gives the impression of a complete fusion with nature. A good place for snorkeling, you can watch tropical fish almost at the coast. Momo Beach is a deserted beach, but located on the windy side of the island, which is often inconvenient. Sea urchins are often found in the water. Momo Beach offers a beautiful view of the sunset. Danao Beach. 

The rocky "neighbor" of Alona, ​​in some places has an uncomfortable descent to the water. Sandy areas delight the eye with beauty, and the sea - with transparency. A favorite spot for divers. Due to the cool currents, the coral reef is especially beautiful here. Evaluating all the pros and cons, each tourist will be able to choose a beach suitable for relaxation, or maybe combine their stay in different places of the island.

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