Travel to New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand

Waterfalls, mesmerizing views and, of course, mountains - this is all about New Zealand. A country where lovers of beauty, extreme sportsmen and tourists come together. Going to the country for the first time, many ask questions: where to go, what to see and how to spend your vacation with benefit.

Tiritiri Matangi Island

Birds are the main attraction of the island. There are species that are not found anywhere else. The place is perfect for hiking. The island is a national reserve.


Perhaps the most popular place in New Zealand is the village of Hobbiton. Filming of the most iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy took place here. It was for this film that the village was built. The locals even came to the rescue. Now all the fans of the film franchise come here.

Franz Josef Glacier

There is an ancient legend. Long ago, there lived a beautiful girl who loved to go to the mountains. Once a beauty called her fiancé, but a tragedy occurred. A landslide hit the guy. The girl began to cry and there were so many tears that a whole glacier formed.


A city in which, on the one hand, business life is in full swing, and on the other hand, a quiet and peaceful life of the village has been preserved. The main attractions of the city are: Sky Tower restaurant, oceanarium, New Zealand winery.

Between walking and visiting amazing places, do not forget about food. The national dishes of New Zealand will delight true gourmets!

National dishes

Hangi is a dish whose recipe has been preserved from the ancient tribes. Meat, fish or vegetables were wrapped in a sheet and sent to the oven, which was underground. A hole is dug in the ground, a dish is immersed there and covered, then a fire is made. After a few hours, the dish is ready.

Kumara is a sweet potato. The dish can be baked, fried, and also mashed.

Alcohol - New Zealand is an experienced wine country. Due to the fact that the grapes ripen for a long time, the wine turns out to be very fragrant and rich.

Bread of the ancient Maori tribe - made from fermented potatoes.

Interesting Facts

Land of big birds. Previously, huge birds called Moa lived here. The height reached 3.6 meters, and the weight was 230 kg.

Famous films were shot in the country - "The Lord of the Rings", "King Kong".

Most of New Zealand is a nature reserve.

We would like to say that New Zealand is truly a magical country.