10 Famous New Zealand Landmarks

New Zealand has national parks, stunning coastlines, mountains, lakes and glaciers. Whether you're a hiker, surfer or kayaker, there are scenery here that you're sure to love.

Alpine crossing Tongariro

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an incredibly picturesque natural attraction. You can explore this breathtaking area on your own on a hiking expedition. Embark on a journey through volcanic peaks and striking mountain ranges. Pass through emerald lakes and discover some of the most unique landscapes on earth. The Alpine crossing of Tongariro is 19 kilometers long and takes about 8 hours. Make sure you have the right camping gear and bring plenty of warm clothing as the weather can change drastically.

Huka waterfall

Huka is a collection of enchanting waterfalls in the heart of Taupo. Huka Falls, connected to the Waikato River, erupts from a natural gorge at a speed of 220,000 liters per second. There is a footbridge here, which is an observation deck where you can see cascading waterfalls and amazing natural wonders.

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is a scenic attraction known for its serene beauty. Snow-capped mountains meet shimmering waters, and quiet villages set the scene for a truly relaxing getaway. When visiting the lake, be sure to look at the famous Wanaka tree.

Cathedral caves

This is a series of enticing sea caves that have been formed over thousands of years. Cathedral Caves, located on the shores of Waipati Beach, contain more than 200 meters of tunnels, which reach a height of 30 meters. These impressive sea caves get their name from their acoustics and majesty, which are reminiscent of a real cathedral. Here you can hear incredible sounds that echo through the caves and into the sea. The opening hours of the Cathedral Caverns depend on nature, so be sure to check the tide forecast before you come here.

Lady Bowen Falls

Lady Bowen Falls is a must see attraction in New Zealand. This waterfall is the only source of hydroelectric power and water in the region. During a rainstorm, the volume of the waterfall quadruples, creating an exhilarating natural attraction. You can see the thunderous falls with your own eyes on a boat ride on Milford Sound.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is surrounded by deep valleys and high mountain ranges. The lake with its blue waters and amazing grandeur is a good place for swimming, boating, fishing and cruising. You can even take a ride on the vintage steamboat TSS Earnslaw.

Split Apple Rock

Split Apple Rock, nestled in the shimmering waters of Tasmanian Bay, is New Zealand's unique landmark. The age of the largest boulder is estimated at about 120 million years. It resembles a giant stone apple cut in half. There are several kayak tours that will take you to this amazing natural attraction. The shimmering sea and golden sand create a good atmosphere for an amazing holiday.

Glowworm Caves of Waitomo

The Waitomo Firefly Caves are a world-famous attraction. Discover this ancient world that is already 30 million years old. Be mesmerized by the thousands of fireflies that light up every inch of the caves. Take an unforgettable boat trip through the underground caves and enjoy this unique attraction.

Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle is located on the Otago Peninsula. Showcasing historic architecture, award-winning gardens, unique restaurants and luxurious accommodations, Larnach Castle is the perfect attraction for the whole family.

Explore amazing flora and fauna, indulge in delicious New Zealand cuisine, and spend the day exploring the sumptuous castle and surroundings.

Queenstown skyline

Hike or take a scenic gondola ride to the top of the skyline for panoramic views of Queenstown and the surrounding mountain ranges. Once at the top, you can dine at the stunning Stratosfare restaurant, sled down the mountain, or even jump off the edge of a cliff.

Be sure to visit this New Zealand landmark, where there is something for everyone.