Termoli - beautiful beaches on the central coast of the Adriatic

Termoli - beautiful beaches on the central coast of the Adriatic

The Italian region of Molise is considered a little forgotten. Somewhere he slips between the marvelous Marche and Puglia. 

If someone has already ventured to come to this place, then he is on his way to the famous Gargano peninsula. Meanwhile, you can have a very nice holiday in Molise!

A trip to the Gargano Peninsula can last more than a week. There are many places to visit along the way. Starting from Umbria, which is very well known, through the seaside resorts in Marche and Abruzzo. And the last stop before a two-week stay in Gargano can be made in Termoli.

The city delights from the first walk. Termoli are beautifully restored, neat and relatively inexpensive. It combines the features of a seaside resort with a city where you can live comfortably all year round. 

Situated on a rocky cliff, the historical center is seamlessly connected to the new part of the city through the representative Corso Nazionale. Both the historic center and the pedestrian area are closed to vehicular traffic. 

There are many bars, restaurants with open tables, ice cream parlors, boutiques and pharmacies. In the evenings, many people walk the streets of Termoli. You cannot be bored here.

During the day, life is centered along the beaches. Termoli is divided into two coasts: St. Anthony and the coast of Columbus. The municipal beaches have a total length of 10 km and a width of 50 to 150 meters. Paid beaches are intertwined with relatively wide free areas.

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