Individual and group tours in Yekaterinburg

A Eurasian city with a long past, Yekaterinburg is a diamond in the traveler’s collection. Excurzilla recommends sightseeing tours of the Ural Capital with a personal guide. For a reasonable price, you will receive exclusive information about Yekaterinburg: the place of reprisal against the last crown-bearer ofRussia (Church on Blood reminds us thereof) and the homeland of Russian Federation's first president (to which the Yeltsin Center is dedicated).

The historical roots of the metropolis will find themselves in merchant quarters, noble mansions and constructivist buildings, the latest achievements in high-tech skyscrapers of Yekaterinburg City. Eco tours will give an idea of the harsh beauty of the Urals, and cultural and gastronomic tours about the talent and hospitality of its inhabitants.

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