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Jurmale, położonej nad brzegiem Morza Bałtyckiego, najpopularniejszym ośrodku wypoczynkowym i kulturalnym Latvia. It attracts tourists with its luxurious white sand beaches, picturesque natural surroundings, rich cultural program, interesting sights.

To see Jurmala in all its glory, make sure to use the services of a local English-speaking guide that will make the best route for exploring the city tailored to your interests. During a sightseeing tour, we recommend that you visit the colorful Jomas street, which houses several museums and the residence of the Latvian head; Saint Paul's Cathedral; a unique museum under the sky with fishing exhibits; a slightly sad prison history museum; an exhibition of old vehicles with an impressive collection of cars.

You can also go on a guided tour from Jurmala to Rygi, Sigulda i inne ciekawe miejsca.

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