Tours in Sofia in English

A small resort and the capital of Bulgaria. You can explore almost all of Sofia as part of a standard highlight tour of the city. This program includes sightseeing tour, visiting cathedrals and temples, and purchase of national souvenirs. Some tourists ask to add cafes or restaurants in Sofia, where you can taste dishes of local cuisine, to the list of sites. The price of such tours in English is not high, much more expensive are trips to the country, to monasteries, or to the place of residence of famous Vanga. It is also not difficult to find an English guide in Bulgaria, many compatriots have moved here from Russia many years ago.

Excurzilla recommends to visit in Sofia:

  • Banya Bashi Mosque;
  • the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • the Serdica;
  • the Boyana Church;
  • Dragalevtsi Monastery;
  • the art gallery and historical museum.

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