Local guides about the best sights in Budapest

Over the last couple of years Hungary has outdone the world's main seaside resorts in terms of the growing interest from the tourists. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, beckons tourists with its pompous architecture, delicious food and wild nightlife. Prices in Budapest are quite affordable, and you can fly to the capital of Hungary for a penny.

What to look at in Budapest

The centre of Budapest is crowded with tourists – there isn't room to swing a cat in good weather. If you dream of avoiding kilometer-long lines for tickets, we recommend contacting personal guides who will be your guides to the world of this European city.

Excursion programs in Budapest include visits to:

  • a magnificent building Parliament Building;
  • Buda Castle, included on UNESCO's lists;
  • The Buda district with its churches, galleries and monuments;
  • St. Stephen's Basilica the largest temple in Budapest;
  • Hungarian National Gallery with 100 thousand masterpieces of art;
  • Vajdahunyad Castle etc.

As part of a sightseeing tour, you will climb Mount Gellert, on top of which is the 19th century Citadel, and admire the city from a bird's eye view. Private guides will tell you the story of an unusual memorial - a dozen pairs of shoes on the embankment, and tell you where to taste real Hungarian goulash.

Ancient, friendly, unexpected – this city will take you to the heart of Paris, then to the majestic Austria, and ancient Rome, while remaining absolutely authentic. Excursions in English will help you discover all the riddles and paradoxes, of which Budapest is woven, and fall in love with the city even more.

Budapest Entertainments

The best way to relax after a long excursion is to visit the famous Budapest bathhouses. Whether you choose the popular Széchenyi thermal bath or prefer the ancient Rudas baths (known since 1556), it would be a crime not to visit the local balneological complexes.

A river tram excursion along the Danube will allow you to look at Budapest from a different perspective: from the water the city seems even more beautiful. In the summer heat, you can find salvation in parks, on city beaches and on the Margit Island, where kayak rentals are available. Coloured signs on the trees will help you not to get lost among the picturesque hills of the Buda district, and you can reach the observation point on Jànos hegy by cable car.

Nightlife in Budapest deserves a special mention. Dancing all night long, listening to jazz in a tiny club, drinking cocktails in “ruin bars” where the hoods of old cars serve as tables – all this and much more is possible in glorious Budapest.

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