Tours in Tallinn with experienced guides

Tallinn has managed to preserve its architecture and many attractions with a centuries-long history down the ages. In its historic centre you can still feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, mysterious and romantic. There are many things to see in this city, and you can create exciting and unique routes for every day of your stay in the cozy capital of Estonia. In order to see as much as possible, you should go on a tour in English with a private guide. He will not only show the most beautiful and unique places but also tell you its history related to the place of the legend. You can go through the places of living of great writers, along the gastronomic route, or look in the mystical corners of the city with the guide. And there are quite many of them in Tallinn.

What attractions are iconic for the Estonian capital?

  • The historic city;
  • the Tallinn Town Hall;
  • the Town Hall Pharmacy;
  • the Tallinn City Wall;
  • Pirita Convent;
  • Kiek in de Kök;
  • Catherine's Alleyway;
  • Charles' Church;
  • the Seaplane Harbour ;
  • Tallinn Zoo.

If you don't have much time to explore the city, you should go on a highlight tour of the historic city accompanied by an English-speaking guide. This part of Tallinn is unique, many houses resemble dollhouses, and the streets are surprisingly clean and tidy. Here you can feel the unique atmosphere of the Baltic ancient towns, which have preserved many lineaments since the Middle Ages. Many buildings, squares seemed to illustrate a history book - the Great Sea Gate, St. Nicholas Church, the Fat Margaret Tower.

An individual tour can give you more information. A guide will recommend you the most interesting museums, streets, take you to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Kadriorg Park founded by Peter the Great. To continue the medieval theme, you should visit the Rakvere Castle, the Viking Village.

But we can not leave unattended modern Tallinn because it is a successful European city with friendly citizens. If you make a program of exploring the Estonian capital correctly, with the help of a guide, you will also have time for ambles, colourful cafes, and pubs.

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