Individual and group tours in Bogota

The capital of Colombia, Bogota, is a city where the rich history is intertwined with the multinationality of the locals, and numerous museums known far beyond the borders of Colombia reflect the richness of local culture. A highlight tour of Bogota is better to start with the city's main square – the Bolívar Square where the statue of the first President of Colombia is – Simón Bolívar. There is also the famous Cathedral, the Presidential Palace where the ceremonies of changing of the guard of honor are regularly held, the Palace of Justice here. The surroundings of the square are full of numerous churches, which visiting should also be included in your tour route.

The tour of Bogota will not be complete without visiting numerous local museums. It is possible to examine expositions independently, or use the services of a English-speaking guide. Among the most popular museums, that Excurzilla recommends to visit, are:

  • a gold museum, where it is possible to see exponents of gold from the pre-Columbian era;
  • Simon Bolivar's house museum;
  • National Museum and Museum of Modern Art;
  • museums of anthropology, archeology and folk traditions;
  • Maritime Museum;
  • Museum of Numismatics.

Multinational Bogota is able to please fans of gastronomic pleasures too. In the city it is possible to find restaurants of all cuisines of the world, and excellent Colombian coffee can be tasted almost everywhere and at affordable prices.

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