Observation and themed excursions in Beijing

Beijing is a mandatory destination when visiting China. Beijing was capital of one of ancient Chinese States before the beginning of AD, and now remains the capital and cultural center of country. There are so many sights in Beijing that you will need more than one excursion to visit at least the main ones, such as:

  • Forbidden City;
  • Tiananmen Square;
  • Temple of Heaven;
  • Summer Palace;
  • Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan).

One of the first places where guides lead tourists during observation excursion is Forbidden City (Gugong). Forbidden City is the largest of sights in Beijing – a huge palace complex, from which the emperors of China ruled for 500 years. Excursion in English language will be very informative and may take a long time.

Another landmark place is Tiananmen Square. Walking around the square, even if you visit only the most important monuments, will also not be short: Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, Operatic theatre, Great Hall of the People, several museums – you can not do without an experienced English-speaking guide, who can choose the most important places and tell you about them.

Another impressive sight in Beijing – Temple of Heaven. Here the emperors brought gifts to Heaven and communicated with their ancestors. Temple of Heaven served as a confirmation of legitimacy of their power and therefore had to impress people, temple was performed competently with a task.

There are many temples and palaces in Beijing, also very interesting to visit Summer Palace with Kunming lake and ruins of Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan). Complex was destroyed in the 19th century by fire, but its ruins are of considerable interest.

You can admire many more attractions, and it is also worth a trip to Great Wall of China in Beijing.

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