How to travel comfortably in Spain

Traveling in Spain almost always leaves an unforgettable experience. This country has reached unprecedented heights in terms of attracting tourists from all over the world. In addition to the richest cultural heritage that can be found even in the smallest resort town, there are undeniable practical advantages for the travelers - convenient highways, developed tourist infrastructure, detailed and accessible information on travel routes and ways to solve any tourist problems. And that is why Spain is a popular destination for tourist trips at any time of the year. 


Large cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia compete with small towns like Llafranc or Tossa de Mar for the attention of numerous travelers. With such a level of tourism development in the country, one can safely choose a trip to the small villages of the Spanish Riviera and not be afraid of discomfort. Also, getting lost in a big city like Barcelona shouldn’t be a concern - now this can only be done intentionally, for all other cases, well-established procedures for the provision of tourist services can guarantee a great vacation.


Experienced travelers know many places and life hacks to make their trip easy and enjoyable. The more often you go on a trip, the better you plan the next one. And yet, there are still tourism issues that require an individual solution. And in this regard, it is worth mentioning such a type of service as long-term transfers, in particular Andy service.

Barcelona Airport

Airport transfer

Once the author of this article flew into Barcelona airport and flew back from Girona airport. Judging by the map, these two cities are nearby. Therefore, renting a car at Barcelona airport (which means returning it there as well) seemed like a good idea - then you can get to Girona airport "by any convenient way." As it turned out, not by any: bus service between these airports is very limited (you can miss your flight while waiting for the next bus), and regular taxi services cost much more than a low-cost airline ticket (and getting to Mallorca can be cheaper than to neighboring Girona). And in such a situation, the service of long-term transfers is an excellent solution – it is possible to save money and time by using the services of those who specialize in this.

La Rocca Village

Outlet village transfer

Another example is a trip to an outlet village. The era of advanced consumerism has its own characteristics, and the ability to optimize an already enjoyable process (shopping) is one of these signs. In particular, a visit to the "sales village" is a mandatory item in the program of experienced tourists. Thus, it is possible to buy things from the favorite brands at a significant discount, and it’s also possible to spend time in a well-equipped space with cafes, restaurants and concierge service. There is only one difficulty - how to get there, because almost any standing outlet is located outside the big cities at a certain distance from them. The outlets themselves provide bus transfers, however, their schedule is not always convenient, and in the high season, tickets for the desired bus route may simply not be available. And again, a long-term transfer service will be of assistance, it would be able to organize the delivery of travelers to the outlet and back on convenient terms.


Andorra transfer

It is also worth considering the peculiarities of the geographical location of some popular tourist destinations. In particular, we are talking about Andorra, a small principality between Spain and France. This fabulous mountainous country has managed to preserve to this day its original system of government, which came from the Middle Ages, as well as the traditions of doing business on favorable terms: duty free shopping and a developed banking sector attract visitors no less than the country's network of ski resorts and mountain biking trails. Also, since ancient times, the transport accessibility of this country has remained - there is neither an airport on its territory, nor railway connection with the neighboring countries. The only way to get to Andorra is by car or by bus. And in the case of tourists, it is not always convenient for them to take a bus or to rent a car - a one-time transfer may be sufficient. The cost of taxi services, taking into account the road along the mountain serpentine, can be significant. And in this case, the service of long-term transfers can be the best solution.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that even for the experienced tourists there are issues that do not have a ready-made solution and require an action according to the situation. Sometimes finding such non-standard solutions adds a spark to the experience and leaves a sense of adventure. And it's good to know that there are some everyday issues, the solution of which has already been found and put on stream by specialized professionals. Well, the adventures can be found on request.