Attractions in Brazil

Attractions in Brazil

Waterfalls, Beaches, Statues, historical centers and national parks in Brazil.

In Brazil, as in some countries, there are beautiful waterfalls. One of these waterfalls is Iguazu. These are not just waterfalls, but a whole complex of the most gorgeous waterfalls that are on the border. In order to fully admire the delights of this place, you can visit the excursion program, as well as go by car there. As for the car, this option is most suitable for tourists who live in this country.

In addition to waterfalls, there are beaches in Brazil, one of the famous beaches is Ipanema. The main advantage of this beach is that there are small waves here, which allows for comfortable swimming. On the territory of the beach area there are different water parks for children of different ages. Within this beach area, you can use excursion services along the coast of Ipanema. And also the territory is provided with round-the-clock restaurants and cafes, where guests can eat delicious food and dance at a night disco.

No less unique beaches are in El Salvador. This place is a colorful gordo, and also the birthplace of the Brazilian martial art called capoeira. In the distant past, Salvador was a fishing port, and today it is a tourist beach resort, one that people from all over the world want to get to. El Salvador offers guests to visit more than 20 beaches, which are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The length of all beaches is 40 km.

You should know that in El Salvador there is a local square called Pelourinho. In the evening of every day, there are performances by masters of the martial art of capoeira. If you visit this place, you won't regret it for sure.

In Brazil, there is an equally famous beach called Capacabana. The location of this vacation spot is in Rio de Janeiro. The length of this recreation area is more than 4 km. This recreation area is famous because it even organized concerts of famous bands called Rod Steward and also Elton John. Everyone who visits this attraction will not regret absolutely for sure.

In addition to beaches, Brazil has national parks. One of these parks is Chapada dos Veadeiros. The location of this attraction is almost in the very center of the country, as it is located 4 km from the capital. This park was created in 1961, and already in 2001 it was included in the UNESCO list. It is possible to move around the territory of the national park only on foot. The unique landscapes of the national park will serve as compensation for a long hike.

No less unique national park is Lencois Maranhensis. This attraction is located in the northeast of Brazil. The year of its creation is 1981. More than 1000 km2 in the park are occupied by beautiful sand dunes. Their height reaches about 40 m. After the passage of rains, the water in this place forms lagoons, in which it is then allowed to swim. This place will appeal not only to an adult guest, but also to a teenager.

As for national parks, there is another famous park called Serra da Capivara. This park is located in the Northeast. The attraction is under the supervision of UNESCO. The total area of ​​this park is 120 thousand hectares. This place is known for the fact that there are rock paintings that were created in the XIV century BC. In this park there are archaeological sites, which number as many as 64. You can go to them along any of the approximately 14 hiking trails.

In addition to national parks, Brazil has amazing statues. One of these is called the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This attraction is located in Rio de Janeiro. This product is the hallmark of this magnificent city, and is also famous among the tourist flow from different countries. This product was erected back in 1931, and in 1965 Pope Paul VI re-consecrated the oldest statue of Christ the Savior.

Brazil also has Historic Centers. One of the famous is Diamantina. This is no longer a center, but a city that is located in the mountains of Espinhasu. This city is known for the fact that buildings that were erected in the 18th century have been preserved in it.

You should know that, having visited any sights in Brazil described in this article, vacationers will not regret it.