The island, located in the western part of the Caribbean, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. It attracts tourists with its mild climate, magnificent beaches, and interesting nature. Barbados is also a favorite destination for surfers from all over the world.

When to go

The weather in Barbados is subject to a trade wind tropical climate. The temperature throughout the year is kept at around +26 degrees. But the trade winds lighten the heat a little, bringing coolness. In summer, the largest amount of precipitation falls here. Rest during this period is difficult, as it is very hot and stuffy. In addition, by the end of summer, in the fall, hurricanes and storms often occur in this region. But winter is the driest period. It is at this time that the island is visited by the bulk of tourists.

How to get there

The traveler has no choice here. Only airfare is available. Yes, and it will take a resident of the Eurasian continent a lot of time. There is no direct flight connection. You can fly with a transfer either in London or Frankfurt. The journey will take at least 16 hours. Therefore, it is worth preparing psychologically and be patient. If you are planning a vacation with children, it is better to re-evaluate the possible obstacles and inconveniences. Not all children are able to withstand a long flight.

The airport is located 14 km from the capital of Bridgetown. From the air harbor to the city center can be reached by taxi, which is available around the clock, or by bus.


There is no shortage of hotels, almost all of them are located near the popular beaches of the island on the west or south coast. Those who prefer high-end hotel complexes should look for offers in the western part of the island. In the southern part, hotels are a little simpler and more democratic. But the entertainment program will appeal to lovers of nightlife, parties, including outdoors.

But the northern and eastern coasts are not equipped to receive guests. The north of the island is quite wild, it is sparsely populated, there is a nature protection zone. The East Coast is the realm of surfers. The guest houses and infrastructure that exist here are designed for their needs.


Cafes and restaurants in Barbados are ready to offer a varied menu, including traditional ones. The basis of the cuisine is fish and seafood dishes with lots of vegetables. Grilled fish dishes are popular with tourists.

A special pride and hallmark of the state is the local rum. All over the island you can find small and large bars serving this drink. They have their own atmosphere and color, it is worth visiting one of them.

Entertainment and attractions

Of course, people come here to relax on the beach, sunbathe, swim in the waters of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. The best and most popular beaches are located on the western and southern coasts.

All beaches are municipal, visiting is free, you can rent the necessary equipment. But there is an unwritten rule. Near the hotels on the beach, their guests rest. The east coast will not please with the presence of comfortable beaches and a gentle slope, but all surfers strive here for the sake of high waves.

Barbados is also ready to offer a cultural program. To profitably visit most of the sights of the state, it is worth purchasing a "tourist passport". It entitles you to a 50% discount in those places that are listed in a special list. There are also one-day excursion tours to the nearby islands, which can boast of unique natural resources.