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If just look at the map, Denmark may not seem like the most interesting place for excursions – it is a small flat country on a peninsula north of Germany. But how is it really different! Sightseeing tours of the cities of Denmark are able to give a lot of impressions, especially in the company of a English-speaking guide.

Denmark presents itself to tourists as an unexpectedly blooming land: it has many green fields and gardens, beautiful landscapes and bridges, historical monuments, organically adjacent to modern blocks. The country is well-groomed, the standard of living is very high, however, and the prices for everything are not far behind.

The most remarkable cities of Denmark, where excursions in English are conducted:

  • Copenhagen - the capital is full of Scandinavian charm, especially the historical center. There are enough sights for a dozen cities, so a private guide will be very useful here.
  • Aarhus - in the middle of summer, fun fairs and Viking shows are held here.
  • Alborg - in a small town there is a magnificent cathedral, castle, mansions of merchants and museums.
  • Odense - in this city everything reminds us that it was a place, where Hans Christian Andersen lived, it is possible to meet the heroes of his fairy tales on the streets, and in the Fune village it is possible to go back to the times, when they were written.

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