Borjomi tours from local guides

This Georgian resort is associated primarily with its famous mineral water, and it is rare when guide conducting an excursion to Borjomi does not mention that its amazing properties were discovered in ancient times. You can drink in abundance absolutely for free in the pump room of Central park, one of the most interesting places of the city. Dort finden Sie malerische Gehwege, Seilbahn, Riesenrad, Fahrgeschäfte für Kinder, die Skulptur des Prometheus in der Nähe der Wasserfall und pools mit mineral-Wasser, außer aber der Preis der tickets ist dort sehr gering. However, the attractions of Borjomi are not limited to the park, so if you go on an excursion with personal guide, you will see:

  • Likani Palace, that was the Romanovs' residence located in the suburbs;
  • Firuza house built for persian consul Mirza Riza Khan in the end of the 19th century;
  • the Green Monastery, one of the most ancient in Georgia;
  • Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park;
  • Timotesubani monastery, although this example of medieval architecture is located 10 km from the resort, it definitely deserves a visit.

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