How to save money when traveling to Switzerland

Small, lost in the Alpine mountains, Switzerland annually receives thousands of tourists on its land, and each guest leaves here filled with a wide variety of impressions. After all, this miniature country can offer its guests various types of recreation, unique picturesque nature, clean alpine air, numerous ski resorts and the famous Swiss chocolate.

A large number of attractions and architectural monuments, numerous museums and ancient castles, alpine climate and ski resorts - all this attracts travelers from all over the world, but it's no secret that holidays in Switzerland are not cheap.

And yet, despite this important factor, some tourists manage to relax in this country quite economically. Let's try to figure out how to make a trip to this beautiful country and save money at the same time.

You can start saving in Switzerland on transport, the fare of which is quite high, besides, in this country there is a strict control over stowaways. For example, if you want to travel on a train without a ticket, no matter how far, you face a fine of 100 francs or more. Therefore, there are not very many who want to travel without a ticket. 

If you plan to travel a lot around the country in order to cover more sights and interesting places, then you better buy a Swiss Pass ticket, it will give you the right to use any type of transport - bus, train, trolleybus, tram and ship as well. In addition, the owners of such tickets are provided with a discount of up to 50% while traveling along the most popular tourist routes. And if you are a student and have not yet reached the age of 26, then you are guaranteed to be able to buy such a ticket with a 25% discount, which will significantly reduce your transport costs.

Also on the official website of the Swiss railway, in addition to discounts on tickets, you can also find discounts on visiting various museums. If you plan your route in advance and are not going to change it, you can use tickets called Supersaver tickets, they cost half as much as usual. But their difference is that they can be purchased only 5 days before the date of the intended trip, they are valid only on certain trains and at certain times, and if necessary, they cannot be returned. If you don't plan to change your itinerary, then a half-price ticket will save you an impressive amount.

You can also save a lot on living in Switzerland. There is a stereotype about this country that there are only hotels with high prices, and even in places where tourists are most congested, they are sky-high. There is, of course, some truth in this, but there is also a way out for tourists with limited financial capabilities.

For example, if you are planning to go to a ski resort, you can rent accommodation in the villages that are in the neighborhood, where prices are more loyal, and the nature and scenic views are the same. In addition, in Switzerland you can not stay in hotels, but use a type of accommodation called Bed and Breakfast, the cost of which will be 20-30 francs per night.

As a rule, married couples own such establishments, and in addition to the opportunity to rest and spend the night, you can cook your own food there, because eating in a cafe is not so cheap.