Fragrant Switzerland

Fragrant Switzerland

What is the smell of rest? Transparent lakes, exotic flowers, the sound of the surf, the aroma of high mountains ... There is no better period of time than rest. We have been given life for knowledge. And knowing the world is not only useful, but also very interesting. In order for the rest to pass without embarrassment. You need to prepare in advance by studying in detail the country to which you are going to travel. Our journey will start from Switzerland! Despite its small size, there is really a lot to find in Switzerland.

If you want to visit this European country, then dare to visit everywhere - both in big cities and in the picturesque Alps, and ride along the foothills. The first impression of this country is formed in its capital, Zurich. Here is the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland, 25 bathing centers, Rapperswil Castle, 18 lake baths and pools, which is a world record.

It is simply impossible not to visit the banks of the Limmat River, where you can relax, walk, dine in restaurants, roller-skate and have fun! But the main feature of Zurich is the zoo. In the very center is the rainforest of Madagascar, where you can see lemurs, colorful frogs, kingfisher, ibex and many others. It is in this place that you can feel yourself alone with nature and far from civilization.

In order to feel the spirit of Switzerland, you need to visit more than one town, so be sure to go to Lucerne. It can be reached by train in 50 minutes. But it's worth it! Lake Lucerne is incredibly beautiful. Pass it by boat and you will see meadows, coastlines, great fjords with sheer cliffs. This city is the birthplace of the famous folk hero Wilhelm Tell. 

It is said that in the main square of Altdorf, Wilhelm fired a crossbow at the apple that lay on the head of his son. To fully feel the flavor of Switzerland, you need to lie on the soft grass strewn with fragrant meadow flowers, climb to the top of the Alps, swim in a quiet lake, listen to the singing of mountain rivers and ride the panoramic express train.

And what could be better than a picnic against the backdrop of alpine landscapes? When are you still going to ride in wagons on mountain roads, tunnels and fragrant peaks? This is what fascinates Switzerland - comfort and tranquility, harmony with nature. And if you go there once, you will certainly want to go there again. Everyone should find time to visit the magical country of Switzerland!