The best restaurants in San Sebastian

The best restaurants in San Sebastian

The most fashionable resort on the shores of the Bay of Biscay - San Sebastian - among other pleasures, offers exceptionally exquisite author's cuisine.

The history of the Arzak restaurant (address (Avda. Alcalde Jose Elosegui 273) may well become the basis of an entertaining Hollywood film on the topic “how to succeed.” At the cost of the efforts of all members of the family that has owned it since the end of the 19th century, it first turned into a popular tavern where locals spent evenings and family celebrations with pleasure, and then - to a place of endless experimentation with taste, color, style of serving.At the heart of all the dishes offered is traditional Basque cuisine, elevated to the rank of art.Once a provincial brand, now Arzak is the owner of three stars Michelin It is not customary to call the process of cooking cooking here - this is a study that involves the right proportion of inspiration, skill and ingenuity. In addition to the hall, the restaurant has a "Bank of Flavors" - more than a thousand samples of products and ingredients from which new dishes are born.

To the west of San Sebastian is the delightful Villa Akelare (Paseo del Padre Orkolaga 56), which also boasts its signature restaurant. These are representatives of the so-called "new Basque cuisine", which, in fact, is a new way of serving traditional local dishes.

The Mugaritz restaurant (Aldura Aldea 20, Errenteria) is proud not only of its unusual location in a unique oak forest, where there are 300-year-old specimens, but also of an unusual attitude to the cooking process. Fashionable in Europe, the trend of organic food - dishes prepared from natural organic products using technology that preserves all the useful properties of food with indispensable stylish serving - this is the specialty of this restaurant. The restaurant is surrounded by a garden of more than 100 different aromatic plants, and the avant-garde interiors of this luxurious place are often featured in design magazines.

Another San Sebastian restaurant that boasts three Michelin stars - Martn Berasategui (Loidi Kalea 4) - is located away from the center and offers original author's cuisine with an individual chef's touch. Here guests will find a great selection of wines and a wide range of desserts.

Another stylish place is the Kokotxa restaurant (Campanario 11) for those who are close to minimalism. The Kokotxa menu is a good example of how culinary and irony go hand in hand and produce great results. As in most local establishments, there is a large selection of fish and seafood dishes, as well as an excellent wine list.

Local chefs are trying so hard to please the guests that many restaurants are even closed on Mondays, like museums - the chef needs to rest at least once in a while. So it's time to get acquainted with the eateries and taverns of the city, which will surprise you with hearty delicious dishes and low prices. As in the author's restaurants, there is a large selection of seafood and fish dishes - for most establishments this is a "horse".

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