Magic Fountain Montjuic

Magic Fountain Montjuic

An amazing fountain on the Avenue de la Reina Maria Cristina near the Plaza de Espana in Barcelona gives everyone a great performance. The breathtaking show, where water, light and music form a single whole, has long been one of the most romantic attractions of this Catalan city. Day trips in Barcelona with local guides

The magic fountain is the work of Catalan engineer Carles Buigas, who before the creation of this masterpiece had already been the author of a series of light fountains created by him in 1922. The magic fountain is located on Montjuic Mountain below the State Palace, next to Spain Square. The construction of the fountain was timed to coincide with the Barcelona International Exhibition in 1929.

Almost a year before the exhibition, K. Buigas presented to the executive committee his unexpected and bold project on 460 sheets, in which the idea of decorating the main avenue of the exhibition with beautifully illuminated waterfalls and fountains designed to convey the amazing play of light and water was developed.

More than 3 thousand employees took part in the implementation of this project, and in less than a year they managed to create a truly amazing spectacle - an incredibly beautiful ensemble, the magic of light and water in a fascinating whirlpool to the sounds of magical music.

This stunning ensemble was complemented by waterfalls and fountains located along Maria Cristina Avenue, but its center is the "singing fountain", towering on a special podium at the end of the avenue against the backdrop of the State Palace.

It is difficult to imagine the scale of the fountain – the size of its bowl is 50x65 m, and the volume of water involved is 3 million liters. The amazing fountain plays with 3620 jets of water, creating an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable spectacle.

The magic fountain of Montjuic became the main decoration of the International Exhibition. Today, the fountain is one of the main attractions of Barcelona, a place that a huge number of people visit every day. Light and music performances of the fountain are held every half hour.

The grandiose light and music show ends with the world-famous Barcelona anthem - a song performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, which became one of the two official anthems of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

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