Tasty Latvia: cheeses

Tasty Latvia: cheeses

What should you try in Latvia? Of course, "Riga Balsam" and beer. And what to eat? Smoked fish, delicious meats and cheeses, of which there are a great many.

There are quite a few farms in Latvia supplying their products to shops. A lot of fresh food is sold even in large supermarkets, delivered straight from the farm. And special attention should be paid to dairy products. And as for lovers of cheese in Latvia, there is absolutely freedom.

Cheese is made for every taste. There are, for example, mold, but they are not the best product of Latvian cheese makers. The local specialty is hard cheeses with various additives. For example, with sun-dried tomatoes, coriander, lavender, various spices. These cheeses even come in different colors and look very funny on the counter.

Of particular note is the cheese with caraway seeds. It is prepared in large quantities for the Ligo summer feast, but you can buy it all year round. Yanov cheese, as the locals call it, is quite soft, has a rich yellow color and smells delicious of caraway seeds. It can be used with dark beer just fine.

Where to buy traditional Latvian cheeses? You will find several varieties in any supermarket. However, if you want variety, head to the Central Market in Riga or visit any fair. There's always a cheese tent. At the market and fairs, any cheese will be given to you to taste and wrapped just as much as you need. And in the next tent they will also sell beer.

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