Summer holidays in Batumi

Summer holidays in Batumi

What can a person dream about in the summer season? Well, of course, about a good rest, somewhere by the sea. To make your dreams come true, you can go on vacation to different countries and cities of the world, but do not miss the chance to visit warm and colorful Georgia with its resorts. In this country, every tourist will feel the charm of staying in comfortable hotels combined with fairly reasonable prices, as well as see the hospitality of the staff and get to know the delicious Georgian cuisine better.

By visiting the resort towns of Georgia, it will be possible to get to know the surroundings of the resorts without using long journeys, and here every visitor will find very interesting excursions. The main resort city of Georgia is the beautiful Batumi.

From year to year, millions of tourists from different parts of the world visit Adjara every summer to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Black Sea coast. For a person who wants to visit Georgia in summer, the trip should start from Batumi.

It is worth noting that Batumi is the largest resort city in Georgia, and on the other hand, it is the capital of the Adjara region within Georgia. Over the course of several years, Batumi has gradually turned from a gray ordinary port city into a beautiful pearl by the sea, increasingly attracting the attention of tourists with its luxurious beaches, restaurants, cafes, and bars. 

It is in Batumi that the largest Botanical Garden that can be found in Europe, it is in Batumi that not only high, but the highest hotels in the entire Caucasus, it is in Batumi that one of the famous architectural structures. In addition, the endless plantations of magnolias, citrus orchards, laurel trees, bamboo, bananas, eucalyptus trees, beautifully located on the Black Sea coast in beautiful Batumi, are delightful.

Today, the capital of Adjara - Batumi is a very important resort, economic and tourist center of Georgia. 

Here, each guest can get acquainted not only with the sights of the resort town, visit restaurants, cafes, try excellent national cuisine, but also be able to visit the water park, dolphinarium, singing fountains, an amusement park and many other interesting places. Usually, the beach season in Batumi starts from May and lasts until October. Spend your summer holidays on the Black Sea coast in the beautiful city of Batumi!