Sights of Lyon

Lyon is a city that has always played an important role, acting as the economic and administrative center of the region. Emperors were born in Lyon, the largest temples were built and rich fairs were held. Lyon has a really rich history and carefully preserves all the recognizable features of different eras of France

Many of the most important cultural sites of the country are located here. The city has a unique atmosphere and attracts thousands of new tourists every year. Below we will talk about the most important sights of Lyon.

Old Lyon

The historical part of the city, located in the vicinity of the Fourviere hill. It is here that all the most important sights of the city, preserved through the centuries, are located. In addition, gourmets can visit bushons - restaurants where you can taste the traditional cuisine of the city.

Croix-Rousse quarter

Few people know, but it was in Lyon that the loom was once invented for the first time. It was because of this that weavers from all over the world came here and settled in this area. Now it is a quiet picturesque area, which attracts with its appearance.

Place Bellecour

One of the central squares of the city, which dates back to the 17th century. Once there were military parades of Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Today, this square is one of the most visited places in the city. The center of the square is decorated with a monument to Louis XIV.

Lyon Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is the second most important and significant in the country after the Louvre. This is explained by the fact that the priceless collection of works of art is kept within the walls of this building. The exposition of the museum consists of copies, the earliest of which date back to antiquity.

Confluence Museum

This museum is a rare representative of the modern sights of the city. It opened only in 2015, but its building has already become one of the most recognizable in the city. Indeed, the structure has a unique futuristic look that resembles an alien starship. The museum is dedicated to natural history, but in addition to its collections, it can also offer visitors a cozy stay in local cafes, libraries, workshops and shops.

Museum of Miniature and Film Scenery

A unique museum that has the status of a world cultural heritage. The collection of this museum is truly unparalleled, as it allows you to touch the secret knowledge of how the biggest Hollywood films are made.

Here you can see a lot of scenery and props that took part in many great films.