Trip to Brussels

Brussels is not an easy city. Being the capital of Belgium, it has the status of a political, and, in addition, the cultural center of a united Europe. 

Inspection of it most often begins with the Grand Place - one of the most beautiful and large squares. Here you can admire the weather vane of the 15th century. on the Hotel de Ville, made in the form of a slaying dragon of St. Michael.

Brodhus is also located here - a beautiful building that was a warehouse for bakers, and now there is the Brussels Museum. Nearby is the old quarter, each building of which has its own name. 

The historical center of Brussels is small, it can be easily walked around in two days. It consists of the Lower and Upper Towns, where it is so pleasant to take a walk, looking at old buildings, relaxing in numerous cafes and small cozy restaurants.

It will be interesting for sightseeing lovers to see the famous sculpture of the "Manneken Pis", which is located at the intersection of Bannoy and Oak streets, not far from the Grand Place. 

And among modern monuments, the Atomium, created in 1958 in honor of the international exhibition, is remarkable, representing an enlarged model of the iron molecule.

Architecture lovers will be pleased to visit the Royal Palace and the magnificent park located across the square from it. Although this building is the official residence of the monarchs, they constantly live in the Laeken Palace, which is located in another area of the city, and there are daily excursions for visitors, as well as numerous official receptions.

It is simply impossible to describe in detail all the sights of Brussels, all this must be seen with your own eyes.

It would be a big mistake to leave here without tasting the famous Belgian chocolate, which is one of the best in the world, as well as admiring the stunning beauty of handmade lace, which can even be bought as a keepsake or for an exquisite gift.